Review of the Discover it® for Students (2017)

My second credit card and one of my favorites. Why? Cashback.

This credit card does require you to have a credit score. If you do not have one, I recommend: BankAmericard® Secured Credit Card.

Check list for the Discover it® for Students:

  1. A credit score
  2. A minimum $10,000 gross annual income (aka: $$$ you make before taxes)

This is one of the easiest cards to get, not only do they approve people with an extremely limited credit history, but they also offer someone to co-sign your application if you do not initially meet their approval requirements.

Some of the benefits*: (Read more here:

  1. Cashback match for the first year which equals to: 2% cashback and 10% on rotating categories
  2. Do you have a GPA ≥ 3.0?: Get $20 in cashback.
  3. Price matching (including Black Friday offers): Submit your claim within the given time frame and receive a check for the difference.
  4. 0 liability: If your card is used fraudulently, you are not responsible for the amount spent.

Personal Thoughts (8/10): I’ve been using this card for almost a year and Discover’s service is phenomenal. The problem is, Discover isn’t accepted everywhere like a MasterCard or Visa. Luckily, most major retail stores and most restaurants do support Discover credit cards. Discover also offers price protection! They will pay you the difference if you find a qualifying item for a price less than what you paid for. Also, their offer to match the cashback you make the first year is the best in the industry, you are guaranteed $100 (assuming you make a purchase within 3 months of owning the card), even if you only make a $0.50 purchase. Simply put it, put this card in your wallet. 

How to apply? Go here:

PLEASE SEE: If you sign up under someone’s referral link you will receive $50 in cashback just for making a single purchase within the first 3 months you have the card. This cashback will be matched at the end of your first year with them, totaling $100. Yes, you get $100 just for making your first purchase with the card within 3 months.

If you wish to support the site, feel free to use my link:

*As of 7/29/2017

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