Review of the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card (2017)

Not exactly a “student credit card,” but many of you probably saw this card when you logged into your free student Prime account. $70 Amazon gift card if you’re approved is also a nice bonus, but is this card worth it?

What are the benefits?:

  1. Up to 5% back on purchases (assuming you meet their requirements)
  2. 2% back at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores*
  3. 1% on all other purchases*
  4. No foreign transaction fees
  5. Doesn’t apply to Chase’s 5/24 rule!
  6. General Visa Signature Benefits (may very)

I recommend you look at their offer details before moving on:

Downsides?: You can only use the rewards on Amazon purchases.

Personal thoughts: Really the best card you can get if you make a lot of purchases on This is also (normally) a Visa Signature card so you get access to their concierge service. $70 is also a solid signup bonus, sadly it’s in the form of their gift card instead of statement credit.

So should you get it? If you shop on a lot then go for it! (Please note, your credit score should be over 720+ for solid chances of approval.)

Other than that, it’s just a decent card, if you want 5% cashback (on rotating categories) you might want to look at the Discover it Student Credit Card. You basically have a $100 signup bonus (if you apply with someone’s referral link), and have a higher chance of approval if your credit score is in the 600’s.

Apply here:

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