Review of the U.S. Bank Gold Amex Credit Card (2017)

30,000 Flexpoints for $2000 spend + Free TSA PreCheck or Global Entry!

This is going to be the first credit card we review with an annual fee. So let’s ask ourselves, do we spend $85 for this cards benefits?

  1. x3 Flexpoints at Restaurants, x2 at Gas Stations & Airlines, and x1 on all other purchases
  2. No Foreign Transaction Fees (Do note most places outside of the USA do not accept Amex)
  3. Access to Amex Offers, Concierge, Extended Warranty, etc
  4. Free TSA Precheck/Global Entry ($85 Value)
  5. $25 Airline credit if you spend your Flexpoints on award travel

Intro Offer: 30,000 Flexpoints for $2000 spend within the first 4 months of the account opening.

Now, are Flexpoints worth more than Citi’s Thankyou Points? Short answer: Yes

Thanks to DoctorOfCredit, we’re able to see the redemption value of Flexpoints:

  • Airfare (maximum value of 2¢ per point)
  • Hotels, car rentals & cruises (maximum value of 1.5¢ per point)
  • Merchandise (value of 1¢ per point, waste of time)
  • Gift cards (value of 1¢ per point, also a waste of time)
  • Statement credit (value of 1¢ per point)
  • Annual fee (value of 1.4¢ per point)

So, you can trade in your intro offer for $300 in statement credit, or up to $600 in airline credit! That’s pretty good for only a $85 annual fee. So… Should you get it?

This card is targeted toward travelers, if you travel a lot and have a good credit history (U.S. Bank likes a small number of credit inquires *<5 is recommended*) as well as a credit score above 720, this card is one of the best travel cards you get get. That being said, traveling outside the USA you’ll most likely need to bring another credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

Few things to note before applying: U.S. Bank is very reluctant to extend credit, so if you normally have a large monthly balance >30% of your monthly credit line(even if you pay it off every month) I would not recommend applying for this card. In addition, U.S. bank also prefers applicants with higher amounts of annual income (>50k is safe). So, this card is more of a card you get when you graduate, instead of a card you get in college. But that being said, everyone is different and if you this would make a good student credit card then go for it.

Apply here:

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