Can’t Reach the Minimum Spending Requirement? Let us help you!

Can’t reach a credit card’s minimum spending requirement? Let us help you!

When you’re broke, spending $2000 in 90 days might be a challenge… But don’t worry let’s let you into some tricks for reaching it ;).

Method 1) Buy American Express, Visa, or Mastercard giftcards

Aside from possibly being able to get a discount on them, you can cash these out via Venmo or Paypal  How? Send $$$ to a friend, have them cash it out to their bank and get the money back. (Or you can buy Money Orders at USPS)

Method 2) Buy discounted gift cards and resell them

Look around for discounted giftcards, I recommend Slickdeals, and resell them online for a profit. You can sell them on Reddit, Cardcash, etc… I recommend buying iTunes or Google Play Giftcards.

Method 3) Fund a bank account with your Credit Card

Doctor of Credit made a convenient list of Bank Accounts you can fund with your credit card: Click Me

Be sure to also see if there are any bank bonuses you can score:

Click Me

Method 4) Buy bitcoin and resell it

Do you have any methods you would like to share? Leave a commend down below.


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