How do I meet the minimum spending limit?



I buy bitcoin and resell it for a profit.

A little known thing about manufactured spending is that you can buy currency without it counting toward your cash advance limit. How? Buy it through an online service such as coinbase or bitstamp (bitstamp requires proof of residency).

Guide for buying bitcoin:

One thing to note: Set your cash advance limit to $0 (contact your credit card issuer) just to make sure you’re not charged a cash advance fee.

What card do I use?: Citi Double Cash

How do I resell the bitcoin?

Normally I use a forum such as bitcointalk or reddit to sell the bitcoin at a 10% rate (EX: the bitcoin is worth $100, I’ll sell it for $110). Why don’t I resell it back to coinbase or whatever service I used? Normally because they charge fees, about 1-3% depending on the exchange (aka you lose money).

Or, if you prefer cash you can sell it on localbitcoins!

I personally use coinbase so here’s their regular link:

But, if you would like to support the site and get an extra $10 for buying $100 BTC:

Referral link:

Check out other methods:

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