Review of the Blispay Credit Card (2017)

6 Month Special Financing on all purchases over $199 + 2% Cashback!

This is the dark horse of credit cards?


  1. All purchases over $199 will qualify for interest free financing for six months (19.99% APR after)
  2. 2% cash back is applied as statement credit to your statement balance each month
  3. No annual fee

Simple credit card, but that 6 months of special financing on all purchases & 2% cashback on all purchases is amazing. This is basically a store card that can be used everywhere.

Are there any downsides?: Not from what I can see.

Personal Thoughts: This is a great card if you’re going to make a large purchase and you might not be able to pay it off within the 6 months. That being said, self control is required so you don’t get yourself in a credit card debt hole.

So should you get it?: It depends, this is very similar to the Citi Double Cash (just without the benefits). This is a great emergency credit card (possibly even the best) for spending that comes out of no where, but aside from that you’re most likely better off with the Citi Double Cash. Why? Because Citi provides price protection, concierge, etc.

Update 8/27/17: If you download the Blispay app and get approved, you will a credit card number immediately. This means you can make purchases online as soon as you get approved.

Apply here:

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