Failed a financial institutions identity questions? Get your Accurint report!

When you sign up for a new financial account, credit line, etc you’re normally asked some questions… For whatever reason sometimes you fail them. This may be because you recently moved, but there are sometimes some other reasons why you failed. Luckily for you, now you can find out through a LexisNexis Accurint report!

Here’s an exert from a Reddit post by¬†andrewlef:

“LexisNexis makes a product called Accurint and markets it to banks, debt collectors and police (among others). This product contains unverified (i.e. possibly garbage) information about you, which the banks use to try to verify your identity when you apply for an account (online, over the phone and sometimes in person too).

  • Disputing Your Accurint Report

LN asserts that this report is not a consumer report and thus not subject to FCRA rules. As such, you have no right/ability to dispute the majority of the information contained in the report. If we can’t dispute this info, we at least need to know what information is in the report, so we can actually have a shot at passing those identity verification quizzes in the future.

  • LexisNexis FCRA Report

There’s also a report called your FCRA Report from LN. You can request a copy of this report at the same time. If there is incorrect info on this report, you do have a right to dispute it (because it is subject to FCRA rules).

  • What Can You Do About It?

So, if this has happened to you or if you’d just like to know what they have on you, I recommend you do the following:

  1. Call LexisNexis’s Risk View Department at 888-497-9172 during normal business hours (roughly M-F 9-5 EST).
  2. When you get a rep on the phone (I was on hold ~10 min), ask for a copy of your Accurint Public Record. They will need to verify your identity, so have your name/dob/ssn/address available.
  3. Once they verify your info, they’ll give you a case number and state that you will receive the report by US mail within 7-10 calendar days.
  4. While you have them on the phone, you can also request a copy of your FCRA Report. This report contains verified information similar to what is contained in your credit report from the three big reporting agencies. It is also mailed if you request it.
  5. Read the reports when they arrive and keep them handy when applying for bank accounts.
  6. You can also opt out of certain of LN’s non-FCRA databases (which should include Accurint, I believe) if you’ve been the victim of identity theft. Being the victim of a data breach (such as the recent Yahoo breaches) should qualify you for opt-out purposes. I don’t know how this would impact the ability to sign up for bank accounts online, though. As such, I’m not planning to out out for now.

More info about Accurint available here:

Submit Opt-Out Requests Online here:

More info about Security Freezes here:

TLDR; If you failed your identity security questions, take a look at your report.

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