Review of the 3% Cashback Alliant Visa Signature (2017)

Earn 3% cash back during the first year + the $59 annual fee is waived the first year!

What is Alliant? They are a credit union located in Chicago, IL with one of the best credit cards out there.

So… What are the benefits?:

  1. 3% Cash Back (2.5% then after)
  2. “Emergency card replacement, emergency cash disbursement, travel accident insurance and concierge services. Alliant also offers travel alerts to protect you from fraud.”
  3. Works with Android Pay™, Apple Pay™ and Samsung Pay

It is essentially just a no BS bare bones credit card that gives you 3% cashback (first year) nothing special. But, after the first year, unless you spend a lot (30k+?) the annual fee most likely is not worth it (in which case you should cancel).

In terms of student credit cards, go for it. They do claim to offer a “generous credit line,” so this will most likely help your credit score in the long run. But, please do note that cards such as Discover it for Students offer 5% cashback on rotating categories (check to see if you can claim 5% cashback first, before you use this card).

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