Short on cash? See if you qualify for any Class Action Lawsuits!

College is tough, life is tough, and you may sometimes run low on cash… Fortunately you filled out a class action lawsuits claim a few months prior and the check just came in the mail!


Now, you may be wondering what is a class action settlement?: Simply put it, it is when a group of people file a lawsuit again X company for Y wrong doing. Most of the time, it’s for inaccurate/false advertisements such as the Airbone class action settlement years ago: 

Or even the Nutella class action settlement in more recent years:


You may be wondering… how much money you can get from these?: On average you’ll get about $10-30. But, every once in a while you’ll run into a settlement you can claim hundreds of dollars from. It all just depends on how many you qualify for.


Where do you find these settlements? Normally I check these two websites:


I personally recommend checking once a week to see if you qualify for any of the new settlements. Then it normally takes around 6-12 months from the filing date to receive your settlement. So, make this a habit and when times are tough you might be blessed with a small (or even large) check.


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