The Best Citi Credit Card Benefit is…

Citi has a numerous amount of benefits that comes with owning a Citi credit card; some of the unique benefits include Concierge, Price Rewind,  and Private Pass. But, our favorite one is Virtual Account Numbers.


What is Virtual Account Numbers?: It’s a one time use credit card number you can use to make online or mail order purchases. This keeps your actual credit card number safe, therefore combating credit card fraud.


Why do we think this is the best benefit?: You can forget to cancel a trial and not have to worry about it. You can do this with Paypal, but not all companies accept them as a form of payment. So, essentially this is just another way to sign up for a trial and forget about it.


Interested?: You will have to check to see if it’s an option on your Citi Benefits page.

If so, watch the video Citi provides:

You will get an option to install it onto your computer or just use the web based version, it’s up to you.

From there, just click generate and use the 1 time use number on whatever you need.


Want a card that qualifies? Check out the Citi Double Cash:


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