Sell pre-owned games to Gamestop and Make Money? (Promo ended)

Until July 9th 2017 (after the stores close), you can get your games trade in value + 70%. Yes, an extra 70%! You can make money selling games you bought from Walmart yesterday. How?

(You get an extra 10% by being a pro member, bringing the total to 70%)

Simple, you trade in 6+ pre-owned games to Gamestop for trade credit. That’s it, no strings attached.

What are the most profitable games? (Please note, this may change day to day, so always check Gamestop’s/Walmart’s/Target’s/ETC’s website to ensure accuracy.)

Credits to Reddit user for the chart: /u/nermie

And of course, you can always look on craigslist (it might be too late for ebay) for used games to get even more money.

Just remember the games can not be in the plastic wrap, they must be considered pre-owned. 

Here are some reddit threads in case you want to talk to a community about this deal:



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