Review of the AARP Rewards Chase Credit Card (2017)

This is one of Chase’s credit cards not affected by 5/24 and it comes with a $200 introductory offer! Oh yea, it also has x3 points on restaurants and gas…

AARP, American Association of Retired Persons, is essentially a group for older people. Giving advice to those who are nearing / currently retired, they are a nonprofit organization with one of the best credit cards for restaurants & gas.

Benefits: Honestly they aren’t a whole lot, it’s a Visa Signature card and it’s co-branded by Chase.

But, one noteworthy benefit (tldr; you help others by using this card): DRIVE TO END HUNGER

In 2017, Chase Bank USA, N.A. will automatically donate $0.10 for each purchase made at a restaurant with your  Credit Card from Chase to  Foundation, in support of Drive To End Hunger. Total annual maximum donation by Chase is $1 million. Drive To End Hunger supports the hunger solutions of  Foundation, a leading charity dedicated to improving the life of vulnerable, low-income older adults.

Cashback is as follows: 3 pts per $1 spent at restaurants and gas & 1 pt everywhere else.

Introductory Offer: $200 (20,000 pts) if you spend $500 (essentially a 40% rebate) & 12 Months 0% APR on Purchases and Balance Transfers!

1 Point = 1 Cent, but you can also redeem those points for gift cards or travel.

Is it worth getting?: In terms of restaurant cashback, it is definitely one of the better ones. You can easily get a (dedicated) 5% cashback credit card for restaurants, aka the  Vantage West Connect Rewards Credit Card. But, if you don’t want to pay $15 to sign up for that card, this 3% cashback credit card is pretty good. There is NO ANNUAL FEE, so it’s a keeper and worth it in the long run.

Sign up link:

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