Review of the Paypal Extras Mastercard (2017)

Do you own a Paypal account? Probably. You’ve also probably received marketed letters/emails about this credit card and tossed it in the trash. But, was that a good idea?

Paypal has a weird history in terms of customer service, most of it centered around winning/losing chargebacks that happen due to eBay scams. Hate them? I understand, but let’s take a look at their credit card offering.

PayPal Extras MasterCard is ran by Synchrony Bank, who themselves have a shaky reputation.

Fortunately, this is kinda made up by the Paypal Extra’s cashback offerings: (per dollar spent)

x3 pts at Gas Stations, x2 pts on Ebay/Paypal purchases, and x1 pt on every other purchase.


Doesn’t look that bad?: No it doesn’t, until you see the conversion rate of 6,000 points = $50 cash back.

That’s right, this card’s point conversion rate isn’t even 1pt to 1 cent. It’s more around 1pt = .0833 of a cent.


Should you get it?: No. The only good thing about this card is that Mastercard provides good benefits. There is no introductory offer, the point conversion rate is garbage, and it’s ran by Synchrony Bank. If you want a good student credit card that offers 2 cents per dollar on all purchases, take a look at the Citi Double Cash¬†or the Inspirus Visa Signature. Want 3 cents per the dollar on gas purchases? Take a look at the Bank of America Cash Rewards. Just looking for a student credit card? Take a look at our Top 5 College Student Credit Cards list. The Paypal Extra Mastercard is just straight up bad and should be avoided.


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