Review of the Forever 21 Store Credit Card (2017)

Forever 21 is one of the more popular clothing stores across America, and like every other store, it has its own store credit card. Do note though, I am reviewing the Forever 21 STORE credit card (Charge Card), not the Visa.

Why? Checkout this Nerdwallet article:

Essentially, if you’re buying something outside the store, you’re better off with an actual credit card with good benefits (such as price protection).

So, what are the benefits of the Forever 21 store card?:

Introductory offer: 15% OFF your first purchase (Can’t be combined with other offers)

Should you get it?: Well, store credit cards/charge cards are weird in the sense that it’s a credit line, but it can only be used at the store. Yet it can still affect your credit. But, 15% off your first purchase ain’t all too bad… Of course, that being said it be a crime not to tell you that you can get better discounts on Forever 21 clothing. Yep, up to 25% off Forever 21 + whatever coupon/employee discount/etc you want to use! So, this store card isn’t all to great of a deal. You shouldn’t get it.

How do you get that up to 25% off discount?: Buy discounted giftcards!

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  2. Find the highest discounted giftcard
  3. Use the money you saved on some food or something

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