Update 8/21/17

Some of you may have noticed we’ve been starting to implement ads onto our website. This is to increase the income we originally only made off of referral links. With referral links this website broke even, but for this site to be sustainable we need to increase our income.

Now, we understand many of our readers dislike ads, especially ones that are invasive and make it difficult to read the content on the page. We here at understand your frustrations and have been in contact with a couple different companies to work out a private advertisement deals, affiliate accounts, etc… We want the ads to not interfere with your experience here on our site and therefore chose to implement‘s advertisements into our website.

An example of what our advertisement placement looks like:

To keep this post clean, an example mobile advertisements can be found here: 

We here at pride ourselves in our website’s minimalist look, keeping the appearance clean and eye pleasing. Thank for understanding and we do ask that you turn off adblocker on this website. We only plan on using affiliate links, referral codes, and banner advertisements on this website. No popup or any other invasive advertisements will be used on this website.

How to turn off adblocker on this website:

Once again, thank you for supporting us and understanding why we are choosing to implement advertisements.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything on this website, we highly encourage you to contact us using our form:

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