Review of the US Bank Cash+ Visa Credit Card (2017)

Looking to get 5% cashback on the category of your choice? You also want 2% cashback on top of that? Take a look at the Cash+ Visa!

There are cards that offer 5% cashback such as the Discover It for Students or the Chase Freedom, but they they only give you one 1% cashback on every other purchase. With the Cash+ by US Bank you get to choose both a 5% and 2% cashback category. + 1% Cashback on every other purchase!


  1. You will get standard credit card benefits such as Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver, Travel and Emergency Assistance Services, etc…
  2. Get a $25 Cash+ Bonus the first time you redeem $100 or more cashback in a single redemption. Limit one per account.
  3. Visa Discounts

Introductory offer (9/4/17):

  1. $100 cashback after spending $500. Essentially $125 if you redeem the $100 cashback in the single redemption.
  2. 5.5% cash back for the first year on your first $2,000 in combined eligible net purchases each quarter on two categories you choose. Thereafter, earn 5%. 2.5% cash back for the first year on your choice of one everyday category (like gas or groceries). Thereafter, earn 2%. 1.5% cash back for the first year on all eligible net purchases. Thereafter, earn 1%. (I recommend only using this card for your chosen 5% cashback category the first year or $2,000 spent, whatever comes first.)

5% Cashback and 2% Cashback categories:

Personal thoughts: This is one of the best cashback credit cards out there, and possibly a very good student credit card, simply due to the 5%, 2%, and 1% cashback offer. This card works great in your wallet with a 2% flat rate credit card such as the Inspirus Visa Signature Card or Citi Double Cash, using this card solely for the 5% cashback (because there is no limit for this category). That being said, US Bank credit cards are harder to obtain than other credit cards, I highly recommend checking out Doctor of Credit’s Things to Know about US Bank Credit Cards before applying.

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