T-Mobile One wireless plans to now include Free Netflix!

Here’s T-Mobile’s self written article: https://newsroom.t-mobile.com/news-and-blogs/tmobile-uncarrier-netflix.htm

Important quotes from the article:

“To qualify, all you need are two or more paid voice lines on T-Mobile ONE with taxes and fees included. Even customers with free lines from the Un-carrier’s wildly popular recent “line-on-us” deals qualify.”

“Starting Tuesday, September 12th, qualifying T-Mobile ONE customers can activate their Netflix subscription online, in-store or by calling T-Mobile’s award winning customer care. And, if you already have a Netflix subscription, T-Mobile will cover the cost of a standard subscription for you — meaning you’ll save nearly $120 every year.”

So, pretty simple, if you have T-Mobile ONE you most likely will end up qualifying for the free Netflix. If not, tell your friends who are on the service and get yourself their Netflix login.

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