Review of the NRA Complete Rewards 5% Cashback Visa Card (2017)

UPDATE: This card is no longer being offered.

Looking to make 5% CASHBACK on Gas Station and Sporting Good Store purchases? This is the card you are looking for.

The NRA is an organization that supports a conservative interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. By using this card, you will support the NRA and what they stand for. If you do not believe in a conservative interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, you still might want the card for its value, but it’s up to you to make that value judgement.


  1. 5% Cashback at Gas Station and Sporting Good stores. 1% Cashback on every other purchase.
  2. Standard Visa benefit such as purchase security, fraud protection, etc…
  3. No Annual Fee

Introductory offer: Get a $40 statement credit with your first purchase.

As you can see, the NRA Complete Rewards Visa Card is a very bare bones credit card. The introductory offer is existent, but other cards offer a lot more. You don’t get any amazing travel benefits or price protection, but you do get an uncapped 5% cashback rate. 5% Gas is pretty much the best you can do, and 5% cashback at sporting good stores is a pretty niche area. I do not believe any other credit card offers 5% cashback at sporting good stores. That being said, some of you may not support the NRA and may want to look at other options that also offer 5% cashback: Click Me.

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