Review of the PlayStation Visa Credit Card (2017)

Looking to make 5% Cashback on PlayStation and Sony purchases? How about 3% Cashback on your phone bill? This brand new credit card is for you!

The PlayStation Visa credit card is a brand new credit card by Capital One. What makes it unique from a standard credit card are the benefits:

  1. 1/2 off 12-month PlayStation Plus Membership (as statement credit) after you spend $3,000 on any purchases you make within a year.
  2. 10% off PlayStation’s entertainment services (as statement credit): Vue, Music, and Now
  3. Standard Visa Benefits

Introductory offer: Cash in with a $50 PlayStation Store code after making your first card purchase & 0% intro APR until March 2018.

The points (cashback) structure:

5% Cashback on PlayStation Store purchases as well as Sony or PlayStation purchases at authorized retailers. (Note you must fill out a form if you purchase from authorized retailers, find out more here:

3% Cashback on your monthly phone bill

1% Cashback on every other purchase

Points may be spent on: Games, Events, Sony Electronics, Music, and Movies.


Should you get the card?: Ehh… If you spend a lot on Sony/PlayStation purchases than this is a good card in the long run. 1/2 off a 1 year PlayStation Plus Membership is a nice benefit and the 3% cashback on your phone bill is nice. But, the introductory offer is just mediocre. It exists, but you have all 3 major credit bureau pulled from, so just remember this will affect your ability to get different credit cards in the future.

Apply Here:

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