[TARGETED] American Express offering 6.99% Purchase APR for 1 year


Note: This seems to be an older promo that is reactivated every once in a while, but this month (10-2017) seems to be the time it’s reactivated again.

What is the promo?: For one year (starting the day you activate the offer), your AMEX card’s purchase APR becomes 6.99%.

How do you get targeted?: No clue. You most likely just need to show up in their database as a low risk credit card holder (on time payments more than the minimum).

What does the email look like?: https://i.imgur.com/c7CAIiY.png

What are our thoughts: If you really need to make an emergency purchase for whatever reason, this is not a bad offer. But, that being said we highly recommend taking a look at the Citi Simplicity (almost 2 years worth of 0% APR).

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