Review of the Barnes & Noble Credit Card (2017)

Looking for a credit card dedicated for your book purchases? Take a look at Barnes & Noble’s up to 5% Cashback credit card.

It’s 2017 and almost every company has some type of credit card. Today we’ll be looking at Barnes & Noble’s credit card offering.


  1. Earn 12 months of Barnes & Noble Membership after spending $7,500/year on eligible purchases
  2. Standard Mastercard Benefits (Most likely)

Cashback rate: (Automatically receive a $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card every time you earn 2,500 points)

  1. 5% back on on all in-store and online Barnes & Noble purchases
  2. Earn 2x points for every $1 spent at restaurants (not including cafes inside Barnes & Noble)
  3. Earn 1x points for every $1 spent everywhere else

Introductory Offer: Earn a $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card after your first purchase

Is this card worth it?: In terms of it being a credit card offering, it’s honestly garbage.

  1. The benefits are lacking, MasterCard offers good benefits in general, but that’s really all you’re getting.
  2. The introductory offer is terrible, $25 is a very small amount.
  3. 2x points at restaurants is poor compared to the Uber Credit Card, Savor Credit Card, etc…
  4. You can get Barnes & Noble giftcards at over a 10% discount: Click Me, simply put it 10% discount > 5% discount.

Want to look at another website’s opinions? I highly recommend checking out Credit Loan’s review.

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